Long-Lasting, All Natural Protection

What happens when a lawyer turned stay-at-home mom of three busy little ones is determined to use a natural deodorant that can power through her 24/7 job, but can't find one that fits the bill? 

Meet Lindsay.  She took matters into her own hands and made a batch of deodorant that kept her odor-free and dry, even into the next day.  What happens after Lindsay's lawyer-husband discovers she has been basking in the glory of natural freshness for a year? 

Meet Marc.  He did not welcome this deodorant with open arm(pit)s.  It took a little encouraging, to say the least.  He wasn't convinced that the delicious smelling cream was man enough . . . and was apprehensive about applying a deodorant with his fingers.  One 90-minute, remarkably odor-free and dry game of summer soccer was all it took to convince him.  That, along with hard workouts and long days in business suits, prompted Marc to let his BFF in on the secret. 

Meet Cary (and if there weren't enough lawyers looking for natural odor and wetness protection, yes, he is one too).  After developing an allergy over 15 years ago to the aluminum contained in conventional deodorants, Cary finally ended his search for a safe deodorant that actually works.

And that is how Detroit Naturals Deodorant came to life.  It simply is too good to keep to ourselves.  We are so happy to now share it with you!